Monday, November 16, 2009

10 Steps to a quick home "revamp" at little or no cost

With the economy being what it is, most people are cash strapped or quite simply do not want to spend unwisely. This is of course the perfect time to work with that you already have in your home (storeroom, garage, shed.....) and get creative with revamping your space

As a number of people are in the same boat and would love to make changes but do not want the expense that goes with it, here are some quick and easy ways to revamp a room or even a home without much or too much expense. Admittedly you may need some strong muscles to assist with moving things, some cleaning materials and a few tools.

So let's get to it ... 10 easy steps to a revamped home!!!

1. Declutter: first thing, take out as many things as you can from a room - this includes accessories, rugs, furniture, art, whatever ..... if it's in the way, it needs to go! If it's things you love and want to reuse in the same room, keep aside, the rest, box up, label well and remove them.

2. A good 'spring clean" even if it's not spring: this always make a huge change to a room. Move as many furniture items as you can away from the walls (or if possible out of the room), vacuum, dust and wipe.

3. Rearrange furniture in the room. Or even bring in the table that's been lying in the garage or spare room. Try different things, ensuring that access and flow through the room is maintained. TIP: If I move something and I'm not sure of the change, I live with it for a day or two and if I still don't like it, I move things around again .... nothing is really permanent!

4. Tidy up the room and bring in accessories. if it's a bedroom then make up the bed with clean, fresh linen, add throws or blankets, add rugs, brings in scatter cushions in wonderful colours and/ or textures. TIP: Remember to use what you already have, so it may mean using the scatters from the lounge for example, if the colour, texture or whatever works better.

5. Bring in the Art: Bring in art from other rooms or move art around. Place it differently, or on a different wall. Or have some simple prints framed, or hand up mirrors rather than prints, the options are endless - see my previous post on simple art forms.

6. Work on displays - create small tablescapes with a few portraits, a lamp and some books, for example. Remember to keep like with like, it just works and looks better. Thereafter keep all surfaces neat and tidy. See my previous posts on displays and accessories.

Now if you have a little bit to spend, my suggestion is to do one or all of the following:

7. New paintwork in a clean, sharp neutral - it last longer and goes with most things, always giving a room a massive lift, and somehow everything just feels new again. If you like strong colour, paint a feature wall in a vibrant red or in a sandy brown textured paint - just something small which adds "volume" to the room. TIP: Remember to choose wisely so that you don't get tired of the look quickly.

8. If you have carpets, get the carpets professionally cleaned. Or purchase new rugs - again choose wisely in colours and patterns that go with what you currently have, but also that are timeless enough to last you through a few changes or even in another room.

9. Fabric: invest in some good quality fabric and have new curtains/ blinds made up (or if you are handy, make them yourself).

10. Accessories: purchase new artwork or have existing artwork reframed, purchase a few scatter cushions, or a new lamp shade, or even a new accessory to go with your already existing collection, a new throw or even new good quality bedding.

A Patio revamp: the furniture was moved around, items were brought in from storage and rooms within the house, a rug added, scatters in various colours ..... see next pic ...

As simple tablescape and an empty column with small mirrors - now - what a difference!!

And there you have it .... quick and simple ways to revamp a room or a home. Good luck and have fun!!!


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