Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a difference a bloom makes (1).

3 long stemmed proteas in a toning tall glass vase

A new series about flowers in the home, hence the title "what a difference a bloom makes".
Easy ways to add impact with a single bloom or with a bunch, in a simple way or with an elaborate arrangement.      The home is only really a home once the finishing touches are added i.e. the scatter cushions, rugs, lamps, ornaments and objets, but even still, in my mind, nothing makes a room come alive until you add flowers to the space.       Here are some examples of arrangements and or types of things you can do to add a little life to your living spaces.

an large bunch of red roses in a "globe" vase - simple, understated, but it speaks volumes in this space with rich textures - wood, chandeliers, art ....

a modern display using seasonal flowers

pincushions - single stems in tall glass vases, placed in a row

good quality fake flowers on display in an ornate vase....

a bunch of white iceberg roses picked from the garden, packed into a chinese urn...

various shades of pink, in this case roses, in blue and white china bowls...

Picture Credits:   All images Gena D Images & Photography.


Susan Tuttle said...

what gorgeous photos -- i especially love the first one -- the lighting is so appealing:)

Gena D said...

Hi Susan, thanks so much for visiting!! really appreciate your feedback, especially in light of your huge talent!!

yes it was taken late afternoon - I did a whole series of them from different angles, thing is I'm not doing very much with my pics at this stage .. need to get to it, hey!?!?!

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