Friday, October 30, 2009

Simple ways to utilise empty (garden) wall space (2)

An empty garden wall is an area that normally stumps most people - a wonderful expanse of wall space, BUT what to do with it? As our living spaces are becoming smaller, the trend is to garden vertically i.e. to use whatever walls you have to visually extend your garden. So here are a few simple but effective examples to inspire you...

First rule of thumb, keep things simple and keep a uniform look!

Paint the wall in question a bright colour (obviously it must blend or contrast with other walls and your house colour, details, textures etc.) Let a brightly coloured climber, such as this pink bougainvillea climb over it ....

Enhance wall space by installing uniform, good quality (treated) trellising along the wall, and plant a reliable climber such as Star Jasmine (as seen here). It's evergreen, flowers profusely, smells beautiful, is low maintenance - all plus points ....

Install trellising or thin wire along the frame of a garage gate, plant Star Jasmine, and voila, a beautiful entrance. You can also add a row of terracotta pots along the adjacent wall to create further interest.

Create a pattern with appropriate wire and nails on a wall. Plant a non invasive creeper, such as mini ivy. I would plant multiple plants, feed and water VERY well. This option will require a bit of patience and training though i.e. to keep placing the loose growth back in line, so to speak. It is worth the effort and the time, as you can see!

Allow a green creeper to cover the wall space. You can use the small leaf ivy, the ficus creeper, virginia creeper, boston ivy ...... anything that is low maintenance and hardy, but not aggressive and invasive, so check with your nursery.

So I hope these examples have given you some inspiration on what to do with that glaring wall space ..... Have fun and a great weekend!

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Picture Credits: GenaD Photography

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