Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creative "Halloween" Displays

Pumpkins used as "vases" to display a floral arrangement - fun and different!!

Like the seasons, events such as easter, xmas, halloween, thanksgiving and others' are truly great times to create new and interesting ways of decorating our spaces - whether it's a table setting, an entrance hall display, the garden, the kitchen, etc. etc. It's a great way to get with the action, get with the moment, a way to have fun ....

Let's face it, it is a time to think creatively, be creative and come up with novel ways to display the ordinary and make something extraordinary. To me the added bonus is that short of having to buy a few pumpkins and/ or squashes (if you don't grow your own!) you simply take what you already have at home and think of different ways of displaying the seasonal bounty. So to inspire you, here are some truly ideas take out the Country Living magazine's gallery pages ....

Pumpkins simply laid out on a work surface in a truly magnificent kitchen!
A Crown pumpkin on a mantel amidst black and white art - now who would have thought of that !?

Small pumpkins and squashes as a table setting for dinner!

Glass cake platters and cloches - a wonderful contrast of simplicity and sophistication!

Such fun ... I'm going off to work on some displays of my own. What interesting displays have you come up with? let me know - leave a link and I'll take a peek!!
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AND before I go, take a look at this simple idea posted on Inspired Room!!

Picture Credits : Country Living Magazine Gallery


Sandra G said...

Geninha, que bela ideia.Gostei muito, simples mas cheio de glamour.


Gena said...

Glad you enjoyed - eu achei muita graca - o que se pode fazer com as coisas mais simples, nao e? Bjs G

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