Monday, January 4, 2010

A Danish Apartment : Decor Styles

a great article which typifies Danish (or rather Scandinavian decor style).  Stripped wooden floors, soft grey-blue tones, simple furniture, in fact just about simple everything, and then.... an unexpected spot of vibrant colour!

simple furniture and accessories

white bed linen, soft touches of colour - note the grey tones of the chair

kitchen eatery in whites

modernist touches

vibrant crockery - just to liven things up a bit!

the simplest of artwork - focus of colour or texture not loads of detail. (also see first picture)

Picture Credits: scanned from old issue of Vogue Living Magazine


Maggie B said...

Simple, clean line something I aspire to one day but not in a rambling old French country house!

Madelief said...

Just beautiful pictures. I like the Scandinavian style.

groetjes Madelief

Gena D said...

Hi Maggie - I think we all aspire to clean spaces, but somehow I think they belong to a select (restrained) few!! thanks for popping by! Gena

Gena D said...

Hello Madelief, glad you enjoyed the post and thx for visiting!

Ian said...

I wonder why Scandinavians love woods. My two Danish classmates who live in short term apartment rentals, (New York area) invited me to watch a football game last week. I’ve noticed that their house are both floored and walled by classy woods. I’ve found it so lovely that I’ve even took pictures of it! How I wish I could earn more money to be in Danish-customized short term apartment rentals. NYC and Danish art forms are beautiful if combined, just like in the magazines.
Great photos here!

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