Wednesday, November 11, 2009

French Style - Decor Themes

In this first post on decor themes, I decided to cover all things French, well not quite, but at least the decor side of things.  Why?  Well I guess because it appeals to most people, looks good, it's charming, it's about comfort and glamour, sophistication and elegance, it's also about romance and the senses.    

I think one of the main reasons French style decor is so appealing is that it can be beautifully simple, or rustic to over the top glamorous.

don't you just love the over the top pink upholstery on these dining chairs?

French style decor is certainly all the rage in every conceivable form -  from the whitewash to faded blues and greens to the glamour of French chic - with it's chandeliers, toile, mirrors, crystal, silver, silk, etc.   So what makes French style, french?

although not a pure french scheme, it's still depicts exquisite details: chandelier, detailed mirror, black and white prints, and a soft colour scheme

Here are 14 (some of the) characteristics of French Chic (French Provencal will be covered in another post at a later date):

note the curved legs, the headboard detail, silver lamp base, the soft lilacy hues of the walls and bed linen

French doors - normally leading onto a patio or balcony.

Classically styled furniture in gilt or (paint) wash, in particular Louis styled chairs, Bergere chairs and armchairs, all with curved legs.

Also scrolled metal work/ wrought iron furniture.

Either a rich jewel colour scheme e.g. deep red or purple, or alternatively  warm, soft shades e.g pale blue or green. 

Toile de jouy fabric or wallpaper.

Luxurious looking/ feeling fabrics - Silks, damasks, brocades, velvets as well as pure cottons and linen.

a dining area: toile de jouy fabric covered chairs, chandelier, ornate mirror, and more ...

soft colouring, ornate furniture, sumptuous fabrics

Ornate mirrors - carved, gilded, painted.

Vintage style art and black and white prints.

Silver, glass, crystal objets.

round table covered with a white tablecloth, gorgeous chairs ....

Chandeliers - metal, crystal.

Beaded or fringed lampshades.

French/ Pinch pleat curtain style (or other ornate form of window treatment).

Soft carpeting in pale neutral colours, or alternatively stone flooring with.

Oriental or silk rugs

So there you have it, a list of things that make french decor truly french, and very chic.

Oh and by the way, for those not familiar with some of the words and terminology, Lauren of Pure Style (blog) recently posted an article with meanings and pronunciation - click here for the post.

Picture Credits :  House Beautiful Gallery

Next up?  Bedrooms in the French Chic Style.

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Lauren said...

love so many of these rooms!! ah just gorgeous!!!

Gena said...

Hiya Lauren, thanks for visiting!!! Yeah I wish I had a home big enough to carry out all these dreamy whims of ours!!!! hehe!!! Take care and good luck with the baby! "chat" soon!

Cathryn Elaine said...

I just purchased a French style house in the heart of Dallas and these pics will give me great inspiration. Thank you!

Gena said...

Nice!!!! how lucky. I am sure you are very excited to get going with making it a home?! I hope you take and post pictures as you go along!?

thanks so much for popping in and laaving a comment. happy new year!!

Gena @ Inspired Living Spaces

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