Monday, October 26, 2009

Kiddies Bedroom Ideas 1.

Kiddies bedrooms are the perfect space to go bright and a bit over the top (OTT!) After all these spaces are where we can utilise vibrant colour, real funky fabrics, we can paint furniture, paint murals, hang crazy art, etc. etc. etc.
Today's post, first in a series, shows examples of Red & Blue Scheme i.e. three examples on the same colour scheme, but with different themes. There is of course a certain amount of restraint required in that colour does affect temperament and mood, so one needs to bear that in mind if you have a very busy child, for example - do a bit of research of colour theory, before painting. PS> I will be doing a series on colours and how they impact us and will link into this post at that stage.
Also it is always a good idea to theme the room, i.e. something the little person likes, like ships or boats, or soccer or insects..... and then "build" the decor around the theme. As with all good decor, try not to use more than 2 to 3 colours (and not in equal quantities either) and remember to introduce contrast and texture to really make the space inviting and stimulating for the child in question.
With a bit of thought, loads of creativity and some DIY skills you can create a wonderful space for your little one(s) pretty much in a weekend!

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