Friday, June 19, 2009

Wondering what to do with a wall space that's begging for attention? (1)

We all have them. Those spaces... an entrance area, a courtyard, an empty wall, where we either don't know what to do, or no matter what we do or try, nothing seems to look or feel right. Inevitably we simply give up.

More often than not, the secret is to get the scale and proportion of the area in question, and the items selected, in balance, and whatever you do, keep it simple.

Here's some inspiration! Three examples of how easily you can transform a small wall space, courtyard or entrance, into an appealing garden area.

Until next time. have fun.
PS. Before you go buying new items, first look around your garden for what can be re-used or used differently, even if it needs a coat of paint to make them more interesting.
Pictures: Gena D Photography - various sites around Johannesburg, South Africa

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