Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simple Art 1.

Most people are wanting to make their homes look pretty, make changes, have fun, but not have to spend too much money, we are all, in some way, feeling the pinch. So today a few ideas on how to create some fun "art pieces and/ or displays" without too much hassle, time, or money.... take a look....
1. Use wonderful fabric print (as above), or even pieces of wonderfully patterned wallpaper and have it it inexpensively framed, or even glued to cheap canvases which you can purchase from art supply stores. For greater impact create a lovely threesome or a group!
2. Buy a whole lot of inexpensive frames (in which to place your postcards or art, etc.) and group them together - remember they must be similar in look, either all dark wood, or silver etc.
Another way I enjoy "playing" around with frames, is to hang up empty frames (just the frame, no backing), you can also place smaller ones within larger ones - creates a very impactful display.
3. Take a number of of mirrors or have a number of small/ medium mirrors framed (again create uniformity with the frames. Group them together on a wall - this one is fantastic in that you create different images by virtue of the reflections, it also introduces additional light!
4. And of course don't forget - if you take photos have a collection of your own pics printed and framed (see top pic for inspiration)!
And as always, look through your storerooms, cupboards etc. and see what you have available that can be re-used before dashing out the door to buy new things .....

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