Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pathways through the garden

Pathways are central to a garden and generally a necessity in that not only do they keep our shoes out of the sand, dust, mud, but also lead, guide and invite us through the garden. Especially when strategically placed, so that you are "almost forced" to go and investigate, take a peek, see what is beyond that corner, shrub, shed, or whatever else it may be.

Pathways can pretty much be in any material whether bark chips, sleeper logs, gravel, pavers, pieces of slate (as per picture above), concrete square pavers or even actual brick paving. In my mind, the simpler the path the better - both in design and material - such as slate or even gravel, which are less formal, more relaxed and certainly more organic in shape, feel and texture. And more likely therefore to last you a lot longer, than a more formal structured path, which will need to be kept immaculate as every little thing that is out of place will show up.

What is important is to try link the material(s) chosen with the "theme" or overall look and feel of the garden, so that the path is part of the garden, appears seemless and not something obtrusive, that pulls the eye away from all the other more interesting things to look at.
I will be posting more pictures of interesting pathways over the next few months, under the tag "pathways" .....
Picture Credit : Country Living magazine

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