Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kitchen with a Difference: a blend of styles

Now here's a kitchen with a difference!!! As most of you would have gathered by now, the current trend in interiors/ decor, is to marry what you've got (the old) with the modern, newer acquisitions. This can make for a pleasant effect, provided it's pulled together by a common thread, whether shapes, colours, textures, materials, etc.

To me this kitchen is a great example of "marrying" different styles, and it works, so let's dissect why ....
  1. this is evidently a large space, probably a loft style or barn style home, judging by the space and the rafters. To complement this the space, which has been well utilised, the items are generally large and/ or dramatic, but yet the room is not cluttered i.e. it still remains airy.
  2. the shell (walls/ floors/ ceiling) is sleek and clean.
  3. the materials used are mostly natural (granite/ stone, wood, slate, steel e.g. the counter top is apparently granite, the shelves on the wall are wooden and have been left "floating", further creating a clean, uncluttered look and feel.
  4. the kitchen cupboards are a harmonious blend between the two styles,
  5. and the floor slate would look good in any scheme anyway, so fits in rather well.
  6. now to the finishes: the table is vintage/ traditional in style and is complemented by modern stools which appear to be made of a steel base and topped with solid wood
  7. the remainder of the items in this kitchen are mostly vintage, for example the light fittings, containers and urns .....
  8. and of course the art is "earthy" and although not what you would find in a kitchen area normally, the colours and organic shapes, certainly go a long way to pulling the whole look and feel together.

So there you have it, an example on how one can successfully marry old and new and make a statement to boot!

Picture credit: Better Homes & Gardens Gallery

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