Monday, October 5, 2009

Irene Garden - a natural alternative

This picture depicts part of a garden on a large property, being predominantly indigenous and "wild" i.e. with local trees, shrubs, loads of aloes and grasses etc. In this instance, only close of the house is the garden more formal and structured. Going the indigenous and wild option is great way to bring in local birds and insects back, thereby creating a healthy "micro - climate".
This way of "gardening" is a new trend in South Africa (and hopefully it'll stick for a long time) to create more naturalistic gardens, obviously in the aim of greater ecological impact. In fact most developments are obliged to go the indigenous and water wise route - music to my ears!!!

Irene is a small historical village on the outskirts of the greater Pretoria area. For more info on Irene, click here
Picture credit: Gena D Photography

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