Friday, October 9, 2009

Weylandts - a store with a difference

Weylandts is a local (South African) homeware store ... i.e. they sell furniture and other gorgeous items for the home, from bedding, to scatters, rugs, lamps, ornaments, kitchenware etc.etc.
They source items and/ or designers of home goods, with a difference i.e. the design, the texture, the materials used, the shape, the natural look and feel. as a rule are normally what make a Weylandts item, a real Weylandts item! Their stuff is truly covetable!!! And, since it's weekend, here's the link, so that you can go visual shopping ... Weylandts: have fun!

And here, is a link to Chris Weylandt's (owner) article on decor - certainyl worth the read:

Picture Credits: Weylandts Website

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