Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little corners of the garden 1.

a traditional bench set in gravel, against a tree and surrounded by formal hedging
- very calm and tranquil

In this new monthly series, I hope to capture enough pictures of quiet garden corners, fun, interesting or different garden seating options, things to excite you into taking action in your own space.
pairs of Adirondack chairs in a shady spot of the garden,
beckon you to come and take a load off your feet for a while...
Whether you have a large or small garden, if the space is not well utilised, it's a waste. If there is nothing inviting out in the deeper recesses of our gardens, then most of us do not use the garden areas effectively, or at all. One way to change this is to position a bench or garden chairs or even a rustic bistro table in a secluded pretty area of the garden, somewhere that beckons you to drink your chilled glass of wine, or enjoy your tea and scones... a secret place that beckons your attention on a regular basis... and you definitely feel that you want to go out there and sit for a while ....
a lovely verdant corner on a terrace - a perfect spot to enjoy a chilled glass of wine at this bistro table ...
Obviously, the larger your garden the more options you have, to create little spots - for example a bench in a rose garden, a bistro table and chairs under a shady tree and comfortable wicker furniture under a covered patio - three options, all different, are the ideal, if you have the space.

A traditional wooden bench in a rose garden
wooden table and chairs in the middle of the herb and vegetable garden
- a great use of space and a perfect place to start or end the day, I guess ...

Look around your garden, no matter how big or small, see what you have, reassess the space, shade, light - and how you can create little secret places to while the time away.

Pictures taken on various Johannesburg Open gardens and at "willing" friends homes. 
Gena D Photography & Images.


Brabourne Farm said...

Love all your chair and bench choices - I don't think a garden is complete without wonderful places to sit and dream! Thank you for visiting Brabourne Farm and for leaving such a lovely comment. Leigh

Gena said...

Hey Leigh, thank you for visiting! Yes, gardens are just not "real gardens" unless you have little corners to explore and places to escape to, hey?!


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