Friday, November 6, 2009

Accessories really do make a home.

an exquisite driftwood heartshaped mirror, surrounded by neutral accents...

Some say that a great piece of art is the starting point for a room, other's say it's a well chosen rug, with the right colours and textures. I say it's both and more ....

Effectively, it's the shell that ensures the pieces all work together as a whole i.e. your walls, floors, then you curtaining and lighting. In the end though, it's really how the sum is put together. And that's where accessories and finishing touches comes in.

As with the other items in the room, when it comes to accessories, stick to a theme and colour scheme to ensure continuity and flow, and always keep like with like i.e. groupings of same or similar things. At present the trend is to go for very natural and neutral materials such as wood, driftwood, silver, glass and mirror, shells, textural fabric, stone, metal, amongst others. Take note of what you already have, see what works in your home, and then shop around for great accessories to tie in with what you already have and like. textured and patterned linen scatters on an African day bed ....

A great store for accessories (and gifts) in Johannesburg, is Lime Grove, which is situated in the newly renovated Morningside shopping centre (also Woodstock in Cape Town). Whilst walking past recently, I was so taken in by the combination of items that they had on display - the colours, textures and shapes (see pictures above) that I just had to pop in and take a peek at their lovely array of items.... Take time to go into the store if you are in the area, speak to Lindi (+27879403875) or Renay (+27825589986).

Happy "inspired" shopping!

Picture Credits : GenaD Photography taken on location at Lime Grove. Morningside Shopping Centre, Johannesburg


jamesxvi said...

I just discovered your beautiful blog, inspiring pix! I relied on my accessories and a hay bale for a recent post at Garvinweasel. Please feel free to stop by.

Kind regards,

Gena D said...

Hi James - thanx for stopping by and for the feedback - always welcome!!
Popped onto your blog - need to take a closer look - seems a very interesting project you're busy on, hey!?

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