Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Simple Pot

In yesterday's article on a kitchen garden, I suggested that if you have no ground/soil to work with, use pots.

Well here's a perfect example of how a great groundcover is used in a pot, being allowed to tumble over the edges, both creating a lush effect and softening the edges of the pot. This plant, which goes by the eloquent name of "Erigeron Karvinskianus" is not only perfect for pots and containers but also for hanging baskets and certainly as a true 'ground cover'.

Erigeron grows and flowers abundantly throughout the year (possibly with exception of extreme climate changes), and is not in need of lots of watering or care, needing only the odd trim/ cut back, effectively being both waterwise and low maintenance - which is, after all the idea of a perfect garden, wouldn't you agree?!


Picture: Gena D Photography

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