Monday, June 29, 2009

An "Impressionist" garden

This picture is of a kitchen window, believe it or not!!!
More often than not, we tend to get stuck for ideas on what to do in the out of the way areas, the so-called "difficult spaces". From my perspective it normally doesn't take much to enhance a space: a little bit of vision, a few materials and voila!

As this home already has a rustic, Provencal look and feel, a shutter was added to the window, painted in the same blue already used elsewhere on the property, the creepers and climbers from the courtyard and garden to the right of the kitchen (not shown) were allowed to clamber towards the window, creating an established feel. A few low growing shrubs and seasonal annuals planted, and you have a great impact area - almost an "impressionist" painting!?

You don't have ground/ soil in which to plant? Use pots or containers, and plant shrubs, topiaries or even, a lemon or bay tree in them, under plant with groundcovers and/ or annuals and the effect will be just as stunning. Just remember to take the light in the area into account, and also since pots do dry out quicker than the ground, do ensure you have the time or someone who can water (appropriately) for you. Also ensure that you select plants that are not by nature very thirsty or that require loads of attention - the objective is to create a beautiful space to enjoy, not to spend hours watering (not good for the environment anyway) or tending to them.

The best part of this little area, is that you can change the look seasonally, so every 6 months, in summer and in winter, different annuals can be planted. But for now, before you go shopping, look around your garden, shed, garage for any unused pots or interesting containers - everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint. If you need further info on how best to create this type of garden, contact me. (details under contact me).
Have fun
Photography by Gena. Highcloud, Irene, South Africa

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