Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Layering

Here are a few more examples of how layering works and how it can be done quite effectively, just taking into account the principles outlined in yesterday's article.

Pic: Livingetc. Magazine Gallery
A modern rendition of a chic living room. Note the neat, clean lines of the furniture, and yet the room is still quite sumptuous and dramatic. A faux fur throw, a number of velvet and heavily textured or detailed scatter cushions, a red (dyed) animal hide, the venetian mirror and crystal chandelier - all work together to create a very dramatic room.

Pic: Livingetc. Magazine Gallery
A Contemporary/ classic bedroom i.e. a mix of both modern and classic touches. The layering already starts on the walls - note the "old" style paint finish, followed by the headboard, the laminate floor, lamps and shades, throw and quilt, scatters etc. etc.
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