Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Layering, an interesting concept

Layering is an amazing concept, often not fully understood. As layering applies to dressing too, I have chosen to start there. Despite our mild South African, winter climate we still have really chilly mornings and evenings. So the best way to deal with the dramatic temperature change is to wear a number of layers, which enable us to peel off during the day and add on as the day gets colder. Obviously, and this is key, if the layers enhance one another, all the more interesting.

Pic; Better Homes and Gardens Gallery

The concept is really the same when it comes to the home. Our autumn and winter season is ofcourse the best time to play with layers in decor, since the tactile and visual comfort of warm throws, blankets, rugs, rich colours and textures, is truly appealing. The secret is not to overdo any of the elements either in quantity of items or colours. Keep to a colour and rather play with complimenting or contrasting textures.

First off, decide on your primary accent colour and select a few items in that colour or tone as well as a few items in neutral shades (which go with just about everything anyway, so won't be a waste in the long run). Effectively by adding blankets, throws, rugs, different lampshades, etc. etc. to a bedroom or a lounge, for example, you are creating a layered look. Layers are always added in graduating sizes or levels of detail, for example, the larger square scatters behind the smaller rectangular ones, or a bigger (in size) mohair throw on the bed, with a more detailed faux fur throw or quilt over it. The picture below shows how this has been done in a bedroom.

Picture taken by Gena D Photgraphy - Moon & Sixpence, South Africa

Starting with a neutral shell, accents in sage green, tan and brown, and wonderful artwork in dark wood frames are added, to enhance the space. In the cooler months, the layers will be brighter and richer in colour and texture, like a red wool or mohair throw, a rich faux fur throw, burnt orange scatter cushions, a wonderful Persian rug, can be added and the room will take on a totally different look and feel.

The options are really endless. What’s important is that you play around with different items and remember to have fun whilst you’re at it!

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