Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Creative Inspiration

Now here's something that's simple and easy to do and very effective!
This idea could be done with any hardskinned fruit (apples, lemons etc.) and a complementary bunch of flowers - perfect for a lunch table!

Just remember to change the water every day to two days, wash the fruit and clip the bottom of the flowers stems before replacing - it sure is worth the effort, wouldn't you say?

Picture Credit : Better Homes & Gardens



Angie said...

Cumquats are even betttter soaked in Brandy & honey.
Good MYM shot.

Coffeedoff said...

Lovely cheerful MYM photo.

Manang Kim said...

Very pretty for sure I will do this. Thanks for sharing!


Carrie said...

Yellow bright, so exhuberant!

Gena D said...

Hi All thanks for the comments.
Angie, Haha!! yes indeed!!!! loved you comment!

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