Monday, October 19, 2009

Three Camellias... that's all it took

1. Three camellias, candles in pink glass, silver heart, placed on an old dresser
with a mirror which created amazing reflections...
I love simple things, things that are easy to do and arrange, or create. The vital factor though, is that whatever I do, the impact must be worth my while!
As our Camellia shrubs are on their last flowers for the season (in fact I think the season was supposed to be over a few months ago!!! but that's another story) I grabbed three flowers and floated them in water in a simple blue and white China bowl. I then "played" around with different accessories such as candles, beaded necklaces and other objects to create a small yet glamorous display for a dresser, side table, or that corner that really needs to be enlivened. I stayed within the "pink"colour scheme and brought in neutrals such as silver, grey, stone, as well as varying textures to contrast with the delicate pink buds (see labels beneath each picture for details).

2. Three camellias, candle, silver heart, stone heart
& pink stone necklace...

3. Three camellias floating in water, placed on a book with image of
lavender fields.... which adds movement and the colours look great together.

4. Three camellias, different candles in containers,
pink stone necklace
5. Three camellias and candles: a vintage teacup
used as a candle holder and a glass votive

6 .Three camellias, candle in glass holder, silver heart, stone heart (I obviously love hearts!!) and zulu teething bead necklace.

So there you have it - three camellias and a few things lying around the house is all it took to get inspired! It shows you how simple it is to create something out of very little. Have fun!

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