Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playing with contrasts

This picture was scanned in from and old edition of Vogue Living (Australia). It really appealed to my senses in that the mix of items works so well. First off we have a mix of old and new, traditional and modern, so to speak as well as industrial and luxurious, hard and soft, curved and straight lines...
The plain concrete walls and floors and modern coffee table are offset against the animal hide rug with a modern twist, the other pieces are mostly traditional and display a sense of the tried and tested as well as luxury - note the chaise longue/ day bed, the style and shape of it as well as the striking fabric used to upholster it. The pink flowers (in vase) look great against the hard surface of the cement wall, and contrast well against the colours and textures. To me, this a truly interesting room. I would just love to know what the rest of this house looks like.
Picture Credit: Scanned in from an old issue of Vogue Living magazine

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