Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simple Displays

I am often asked what can be used, easily and inexpensively to create impact, whether for a table setting or as part of a display.

In my mind, you can use virtually anything, what's important is how you use it and how it relates to the remainder of your decor (or garden). The first two pics shown the simplicity of using everyday items, let's see ....

Crisp, shiny red apples and candles - Here they are used to line a pathway, but could be used in an entrance hall, on a dining table, a kitchen counter or other to similar effect. And not only that, you could use lemons, oranges, pears, grapes, pumpkins, etc. etc.

This picture is of a table setting (incidentally at a wedding), where the theme is a simple green and white. Trays of wheat grass (or other) in ceramic containers are placed along the table interspersed with plain glass bottles and single white roses - and what an impact!?

Other options are using single proteas in sturdy glass containers arranged in a row, or placed together on a tray, for example, and used as a centre piece.

You could fill glass containers (gently I might add!) with beautiful pebbles or seed pods (see example in my write up of Entrance Hall Makeover). There are also certain grasses that dry well and look very effective in bunches in pottery vases or even glass.
Here we have an example of a a simple, yet very elegant display or vignette. You will notice that the predominant factor here, is that all the items have a shiny/glossy element to them, are sheer and plain in appearance, and are in a sense quite glamorous. Bring in dried hydrangeas heads and voila - you have a great juxtaposition of shiny/ glossy and dry/ matt, classical and elegant vs. relaxed and organic - note how the "colour" of the dry hydrangea heads complement the other artefact's.

So you see, it really is quite easy to make something out of very little with really simple items - yes, it may take a bit of time trying a few options, but overall, it is easy and relatively inexpensive to create an impact with simple things!

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Picture credits 1&2 unknown Picture 3. Better Homes & Gardens Gallery

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