Thursday, July 30, 2009

Formal Gardens

Formal Gardens can be defined by straight lines, lots of symmetry, neatened edges, mass, simple planting and/ or loads of hedges.

As with most things, you either like the look of a formal garden or not ......I like to think that most pople love the look of formal gardems, but battle to implement or maintain the look themselves - after all, formality by it's nature, requires a lot more attention to keep it looking good.
Personally I like to take the benefits of formal gardens, the neatness, the simplicty, the straight lines and incorporate it with a "looser" garden design, so in effect, even if it includes hedging, the hedging will be more relaxed as opposed to the severe clipping seen in these pictures, above.
And remember that you can still have a formal look with pots - it's all about the plants you choose, how you group them and then just ensuring that you keep the look neat by the odd clipping here and there.
Picture credits: Better Homes and Gardens Gallery

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