Friday, July 3, 2009

Come sit with me

We all love the thought and aspire to have a quiet spot in the garden to sit and contemplate life ..... a chill zone, a place to meditate the future.
This picture, taken in Irene, Johannesburg, depicts a simple seat placed under the trees facing a lake (not shown). The light structure of the chair, complements the Japanese maple and the airiness of the space.
So you really do not need to invest in a huge, solid garden bench, but can use almost anything (even sawn pieces of tree trunk), but, just make sure that where you place your seat(ing), is where you want the focus to be, and ideally place it somewhere where you can enjoy "a view" of sorts as well - whether it's a water feature, a view beyond your garden, interesting flowers, shrubs or trees, or quite simply a quiet, shady spot.
Picture: Gena D Photography. Irene, South Africa


Mat`amiT said...

so calm and serene

Gena said...

Thanks you for the input! hope you see you again

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