Monday, June 15, 2009

Adding warmth to a room

There are numerous ways in which to add warmth (whether in colour or texture) to a space. This concept really ties into 'seasonal decor" - see article below - In the the same as you would use lighter, fresher colours, fabrics and textures in warmer weather, in autumn and winter the easiest way to convert a space into something warm and sumptuous is to add warm accessories - things such as scatters in velvet, velour, thick cottons, warm rich colours such as reds, burgundy, burnt orange, browns and even purples and rich pinks will work well.

Other accessories such as rugs, baskets, vessels and containers, in wood or woven materials, a basket of logs by the fire, lampshades in warm colours and of course, not least, candles.

The other day whilst sitting in our lounge I was amazed at how candles, especially when surrounded by other rich colours and reflective materials, can easily create a warm look and feel.

In this instance the candles themselves are contained in burnt orange glass vessels, and close by was a deep red ceramic bowl filled with objects. Note the reflective qualities .....

As always have fun, and take care when using candles.

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Pictures: Gena D Photography

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