Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making Seasonal changes in the home

I’ve always loved the concept of ringing the changes in the home in line with the seasons. As the cooler months come in, we tend to cocoon and need to feel the comfort of textures and warm colours. So by making a few changes or adjustments you can create a whole new look.

Take a throw or two, scatters, a rug maybe, some candles, preferably in rich tones of reds, browns, burgundy, burnt oranges or even olive or sage greens or the current trend – purple! You then add in seasonally appropriate flowers or grasses and you’re set. I’m a grat advocate for using what you have, so look through you cupboards first. I you need to purchase items ,then shop around, there are some really good items at the less expensive home stores, and most importantly, buy only what you love – that way you will re-use the item. If you are adept with a sewing machine, with a small piece of fabric you can stitch up scatters, a throw or even a runner. The major benefit of sewing up scatters yourself (or having them made) is that you can re-use the inners of your current scatters, so in the warmer months, you only need to worry about packing away a small piece of fabric.

So let’s start…….if you are able to, move the room around – for example : if you couch faces the garden in summer, let it face the fireplace in winter. If you floor is naked, which is very appealing in summer, now is the time to put down a wonderful rug, be it an inexpensive one, a Persian, a nguni hide, anything! Remove all your bright summery coloured scatters and other things, and start playing with layers of warmer colour and interesting textures. A rich burgundy or brown chenille thrown over the side or back of a couch of chair, a number of scatters is varying tones and textures (see pic) .i.e. they don’t all need to be the same or a perfect match. Add some candles in rich colours and if scented in vanilla, ginger, coffee or one of those wonderful aromas, all the better (provided you can tolerate or enjoy rich scents of course). Add interesting vases or containers with bunches of roses (they last so much better in winter anyway), or proteas, dried grasses or even dried flowers, such as hydrangea heads (see pic)….. anything that adds interest, colour or texture.

Immediately you room is transformed into a haven of warmth and comfort, where you can relax, read, watch telly (if you do), light a fire, and entertain friends.

Have fun – winter is short in South Africa, so all the more reason to play around and enjoy the moment!

Picture: Gena D Photography
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